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Aging 101 (Fall 2017) is a Course

Aging 101 (Fall 2017)

Time limit: 45 days
12.0 credits

$50 Enroll

Full course description

Course 1: Aging 101  |  Bernard Steinman, Ph.D.|  Course Dates:  Sept. 25, 2017—Nov. 5th, 2017  | CE Hrs: 12


· Understand key issues pertaining to the study of aging, including basic social, biological and psychological theories that guide the field of gerontology;

· Display general understanding of adult development and the process of aging, including physical, sensory perceptual, cognitive, social and emotional development throughout adulthood;

· Appreciate macro-level influences on adult development, including the impact of social policy issues, the healthcare system, and demographic trends;

· Show awareness of the importance of roles, expectations, and stereotypes and attitudes with respect to the health and well-being of older adults; and,

· Be knowledgeable and conversation about key issues and controversies inherent in individual and population aging